The Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) is governed by a Board of Directors of thirteen (13) members, and is led by three (3) committees:

  • The Investment Committee,
  • The Events and Communication Committee and
  • The Ethics and deontology Committee.


  • board of directors
  • CIS Investment Committee
  • Events and Communication Committee
  • The Ethics and deontology Committee


The Board of Directors relies on an Executive Secretariat, currently composed of an Executive Director, a Marketing and Communication Director and a Digital Communication Officer.

CIS Investment Committee

The Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) currently brings together fifty Senegalese businessmen and women leaders, recognized and respected leaders in their sectors of activity, who have decided to direct the future, rather than suffer it.

An investment holding company of 20 billion

To play its role fully, the CIS has decided to equip itself with a financial instrument to match its ambitions, by setting up a 20 billion CFA investment company. Mobilized thanks to the resources of its members, this structure will make it possible to realize about 200 billion CFA francs of investments in various sectors of the Senegalese economy.

The CIS investment company will operate as an investment holding, which will take majority or minority shares in projects aimed at providing Senegal with national champions in strategic sectors. These projects will be proposed by one or more of its members, then analyzed, studied and validated by the Investment Committee.

Events and Communication Committee

The Senegalese Investors Club has set up an Events and Communication Committee whose purpose is to strengthen communication and exchanges between its members, but also with regard to all its targets: public authorities, partners technical and financial organizations, professional organizations, the public and the press. This Committee also reflects on events and participates in the promotion of Club activities.

This Committee will be hard at work to launch and manage the three (3) CIS events: the CIS Thursdays, the monthly business visits and the International Conference.

  • Company visits to Club members. These publicized visits will help to better understand the activities of Club members and to better promote them.


  • Thursdays at CIS, monthly meetings (1st Thursday of each month) around issues related to investment themes. These meetings will bring together Club members as well as external guests who will be links in the project implementation chain. A key theme will be discussed by a panel of experts, after an introduction (ideally by a member of the Club).


  • An annual conference “The African Investment Days”, on the theme of the joint venture and a strong national private sector. Due to the elections scheduled for February 2019, the first conference could be held in November 2019.

The Ethics and deontology Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to propose rules of ethics and professional conduct that members must scrupulously respect. It is important that in an organization like the Senegalese Investors Club such rules are enacted to reinforce the cohesion and spirit of the Club.

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