Together, for a strong national private sector!

The Senegalese Investor’s Club (CIS) is a melting pot of Senegalese women and businessmen, leaders recognized and respected in their sectors of activity, who decided to join together to promote the emergence of a strong national private sector, central engine of emergence dynamics.

CIS comes at a key moment in the history of our country. In particular, the start of a new presidential term and the important discoveries of oil and gas give the opportunity to initiate a new trajectory towards emergence, with a stronger, more creative growth of jobs and opportunities, especially for youth, and more decisive in the fight against poverty.

To meet this challenge, CIS wants to boost national investment by encouraging co-investment between Club members and other domestic and foreign investors. This synergy of means and experiences should enable the national private sector to invest more, play a greater role in major projects and accelerate the emergence of national champions.

Initiated by 50 founding members, the Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) is growing every day, and plans to bring together all Senegalese who, through their companies, contribute to the development and the influence of Senegal and Africa. CIS is also open to investors from other African countries, to share its experience and develop synergies between African Investment Clubs.

With CIS, steer the future rather than endure it

The Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) currently brings together fifty Senegalese businessmen and women leaders, recognized and respected leaders in their sectors of activity, who have decided to direct the future, rather than suffer it.

For this, they have joined together to develop and promote structuring projects with high economic and social impact. Thus, the CIS plans to play a leading role in private investment in Senegal, in the dynamics of Phase 2 of the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE).

To participate actively and accompany the acceleration of the structural transformation of the Senegalese economy, the Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) intends to foster the development and emergence of national champions in all key areas of the economy. Several sectors of activity are thus targeted by the CIS as:

Valuation and processing of local products





Other activities are also involved that focus on key support areas:

Education and training

Media and ICT

BTP and Infrastructures

Financial services

Transport and logistics


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