Our vision

The vision of the Senegalese Investors Club is to make the national private sector, a pool of successful, competitive companies, creators of wealth and jobs, open to Africa and the world, each champion in its respective field.

Through this vision, the Senegalese Investor Club is committed to developing a win-win partnership with the Senegalese public authorities, with like-minded organizations in Africa and around the world. Beyond serving its members, the Senegalese Investors Club is committed to working for a business environment conducive to the development of the private sector in general.

Our values

In a competitive environment in which the private sector is developing, the actions of the Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) focus on values ​​of integrity and credibility.

As such, the Club is committed to maintaining professional transparency, integrity and honesty towards its members, employees and partners, in an approach combining professionalism and responsibility.

Our engagements

The mission of the Senegalese Investors Club is to work for the emergence of a strong and dynamic national private sector and for the emergence of successful local businesses, in a dynamic of excellence.

The CIS intends, with its members, to seize all the opportunities of partnership with the State, in a healthy collaboration and the accompaniment of the Senegalese companies.

The Senegalese Investors Club will also work alongside a private sector support organization and international institutions whose credo is to support private initiatives to create wealth and jobs.

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