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TOGETHER, For a Strong National Private Sector!

Senegal is a young nation whose first economic achievements are the work of the state. He concentrated in him the roles of planner, builder, regulator, investor. The evolution of our country deviated the state from this initial trajectory and freed up space for the national private sector. Without real means and visible state strategy, Senegalese men and women have taken it upon themselves to undertake, at their own risk, to create an emulation around the ecosystem of the company and to replace the public service in the fields which were open.

Today, without being perfect, Senegal’s national private sector exists and is organized. It’s already a merit! But it remains to unify, to fine tune, to better frame and especially to make it the main interlocutor of national and international decision makers.

The Senegalese Investors Club works for the emergence of a strong national private sector. He works for the emergence of successful local businesses. It stands as a partner of the State for a good assumption of our vital national economic interests.

CIS is working to improve access to the national market. Our private sector is not hegemonic in its own country. Its market shares are marginal. There is no predictable preferential system that puts it at the heart of the economy. Our ambition is to be the main project manager of the public policies of the State of Senegal. Access to our national market must be natural and, as a matter of principle, acquired once our national companies have the skills to execute it.

CIS is working to secure a better international investment partnership. Our patriotism encourages foreign investment flows, both public and private. By associating with them, we offer our guests real opportunities for co-investment, the guarantee of a monitoring aligned with international standards and the sustainability of their projects carried by local.

The CIS works to take charge of the national and international economic debate by the private sector. The stakes of the modern world are such that a progressive private sector must stimulate a strategic reflection that guides and refines public policies. In the context of a Senegal in search of emergence, placing economic issues at the heart of the debate is one of the ambitions of the CIS. The goal is to share his experience to facilitate the adoption of endogenous economic policies centered on the economic and social well-being of Senegalese.

The CIS is a strategic and operational tool essential to the promotion of the Senegalese economy. It is at the disposal of the State, investors, entrepreneurs and all stakeholders. Exclusively Senegalese, he advocates an inclusive economic patriotism that leaves no room for the detestation of the other. It seeks a balance between the need for openness of the modern world and the necessary situationist approach that will allow our country to succeed. With this approach, we hope to participate in putting Senegal, definitely, on the ramp of the world. ’emergence.


Babacar NGOM

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