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The Senegalese Investors’ Club was created on June 2nd, 2018 by a group of Senegalese businessmen aware that one can’t achieve emergence without a strong and dynamic national private sector.



The CIS projects

The CIS projects



billion CFA francs

The Senegalese Investment Club (CIS) is planning to create an investment company with a capital of at least 20 billion CFA francs! Studies are in progress.

billion CFA francs

During the Investor Forum held in Paris on December 18, 2018, the Senegalese Investors Club committed, in front of President Macky Sall, to invest 1200 billion CFA francs in the Senegalese economy over a period of 5 years, ie 140 billion a year !


Make champions emerge in the national economy!

A country can not reach emergence without a strong national private sector. This is our belief in the Senegalese Investors Club (CIS). And our major battle.

Thus, the members of the Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) have come together to develop and promote structuring projects with high economic and social impact. The CIS plans to play a leading role in private investment in Senegal, participate actively in the structural transformation of the Senegalese economy and encourage the emergence of reference companies in all key areas of the economy.

Mutualize means, invest and create value!

In addition to investing in their own business, CIS members will develop co-investments between Club members and other partners.

In addition, the Senegalese Investors Club will acquire a common investment vehicle, through an investment company with a capital of at least twenty (20) billion CFA francs.

Develop the strategic partnership

In the quest for performance, the Senegalese private sector plans to invest several sectors of activity to create wealth and jobs. To this end, CIS intends to use strategic, technical and / or financial partners seeking mutually beneficial cooperation.

These partnership sectors concern agriculture and agribusiness; light industry; hydrocarbons; tourism; digital, infrastructure, financial services, transportation, commerce, logistics or education.

Babacar NGOM

Président du club

TOGETHER, For a Strong National Private Sector!

Senegal is a young nation whose first economic achievements are the work of the state. He concentrated in him the roles of planner, builder, regulator, investor. The evolution of our country deviated the state from this initial trajectory and freed up space for the national private sector. Without real means and visible state strategy, Senegalese men and women have taken it upon themselves to undertake, at their own risk, to create an emulation around the ecosystem of the company and to replace the public service in the fields which were open.

Today, without being perfect, Senegal’s national private sector exists and is organized. It’s already a merit! But it remains to unify, to fine tune, to better frame and especially to make it the main interlocutor of national and international decision makers.

The board of CIS

The Board of Directors of the Senegalese Investors Club is composed of twelve (12) members elected at the meeting of constitution.




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