The Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) is an association under Senegalese law created on June 2, 2018 by a group of businessmen and women, economic operators united by the same ideal: to participate through private investment in the development of their business. creating wealth and jobs.


To join the Club, it is necessary that the applicant presents a course of relevant entrepreneur and satisfy the conditions of membership.

  • Being sponsored by one of the members of the Association
  • Receive the approval of the Board of Directors and the final approval of the General Meeting
  • Adhere to the By-Laws, the By-Laws and the Code of Ethics of the Association
  • Pay membership fees within twenty (20) days of notification of Board approval


The members of the Association bind themselves to:

  • To pay the annual subscription decided by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly
  • Respect the present Statutes as well as the provisions of the Internal Regulations and Code of Ethics
  • Actively participate in the activities of the Association and strive to provide the Association with the support, information and resources necessary to achieve its objectives
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